Organization-Wide Initiatives

To initiate and implement a change strategy, organizations need to touch all staff, from front-line personnel to the highest executive.  For example:

Smithsonian Institution: National Museum of American History and National Museum of American Indian:  Designed, developed and delivered museum-wide visitor service training initiatives.  At the National Museum of Natural History the project touched 1200 staff and volunteers, while at NMAI-GGHC, a much smaller institution, the audience was one-tenth of the other. In each project, through discovery activities, we crafted multiple events to help change the culture of the museum.  We held kick-off events, ran training sessions in visitor service skills as well as management training to monitor and give feedback on these skills. We held cross- functional, problem-solving teams and many reinforcement activities.

Porter Novelli Advertising Agency: Because of the rapid career-pathing within this industry and the competition for rising talents, this agency wanted to hold on to the more junior associates.  To this end I helped institute an agency-wide mentoring program which helped the organization hold on to the staff it wanted to groom for further advancement. We worked with the most senior leaders to the newest hires and arranged a rich array of mentoring opportunities.

Beth Abraham Health Services: Organization-wide initiative, Making Life Better for People, focusing on patient-centered care. From the directors of the hospital to the cooks in the cafeteria, we instituted a rigorous and multi-layered effort throughout the health facility to reinforce the rich programming and caring staff efforts to make life better for the patients.