Strategic Planning Sessions

Organizations benefit when they are able to take staffs out of their normal work environment and allow them to focus on an issue that needs creative and focused attention.  Some examples of successful facilitation of such events:

Metropolitan Museum of Art: Retail operations two-day retreat to focus on streamlining processes for product development. Ultimately a test of teamwork and organizational effectiveness.

92 Street Y: Strategic planning retreat for senior leadership team to discuss state of the organization, analyzing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT Analysis) and then leading a second retreat for over 100 managers at 92Y in a series of envisioning exercises and action plans.

Comptroller’s Office, NYC: One day retreat devoted to strategic planning and fiscal stewardship of New York City.

Prospect Park Alliance: Lead an annual all-staff meeting and facilitate teamwork activities and strategies for improved communications.

Museum of Modern Art: Strategic planning with senior management retail to identify improved methods of sourcing, merchandising, visual displaying techniques, crossing silos and improving synergy between and among all areas.