Client Relationships

Visitor Service Skills
Many cultural institutions train their front-line staff to be more visitor-centered.  However, they do not necessarily know how to tailor the training for a specific audience nor are they always able to reinforce the training in such a way as to make it “stick.”  We offer a sequence of service that addresses these issues and helps institutions become more disciplined and effective in this area.

Consultative Selling 
Many companies offer skills-based, face-to-face, needs-based, consultative models.  Like them, we take a proven series of topics and skills such as establishing credibility and rapport, using a questioning strategy to identify client needs, presenting benefits of services and products that satisfy those needs, managing resistance skillfully, closing on next steps, etc. We also tailor all materials, presentation vehicles, participant vehicles, ancillary materials such as exercises and games to reflect your sales force’s reality.

Sales Management Systems
In addition, we work with your sales management team to follow up and reinforce this initial classroom learning.  Without this rigorous and detailed system, the power of the behavioral learning dissipates over time, and the training becomes less compelling than not.  Having worked with retail, corporate, for profit and non, cultural institutions and associations, we can adapt these materials to be delivered in person, or using technology.  In either case, the two combine to make for a powerful improvement in your sales effectiveness.

Customer Service Skills
How do you differentiate yourself in your marketplace?  If customer service is part of your answer to this question, then we can work with you to improve your representatives’ skills, behaviors and attitudes.  We have worked with cultural institutions, with security forces, with health care organizations as well as for many corporate clients to make certain their service levels match their products.   In many cases, we combine this with a sales initiative in order to facilitate and team selling environment in which customer service supports and leverages sales functions.